Gold Rate In Turkey Today (1 Gram, Tola & Ounce Prices)

 Updated On: July 15, 2024

As of July 15, 2024, the gold rate in Turkey is TRY 2,565.46 per gram for 24k gold, TRY 79,794.73 per ounce, and per tola for 24k gold is TRY 29,923.02.

Gold Rate In Turkey Today On Monday 15 Jul, 2024

Gold Rate24k Gold22k Gold21k Gold18k Gold
Per 1 Gram Gold2,565.46 TRY2,351.76 TRY2,244.78 TRY1,924.10 TRY
Per 10 Gram Gold25,654.60 TRY23,517.57 TRY22,447.78 TRY19,240.95 TRY
Per Tola Gold29,923.53 TRY27,430.90 TRY26,183.08 TRY22,442.64 TRY
Per Ounce Gold79,794.79 TRY73,147.88 TRY69,820.44 TRY59,846.09 TRY
  • Gold rate per Tola in Turkey today is TRY 29,923.53 on Monday 15 Jul, 2024 .
  • 1 gram of 24k Gold was being sold at TRY 2,565.46 and 10 grams of 24K Gold were being traded for TRY 25,654.60.
  • A single ounce of 24 Karat Gold was trading at TRY 79,794.79 .

Gold Rate Per Tola In Turkey Today

Gold Price24 Karat22 Karat21 Karat18 Karat
1 Tola29,923 TRY27,429 TRY26,183 TRY22,442 TRY
8 Tola239,384 TRY219,436 TRY209,461 TRY179,538 TRY
10 Tola299,230 TRY274,294 TRY261,826 TRY224,423 TRY
50 Tola1,496,151 TRY1,371,472 TRY1,309,132 TRY1,122,113 TRY
100 Tola2,992,302 TRY2,742,944 TRY2,618,264 TRY2,244,227 TRY

Gold Rate Per Gram In Turkey Today

The gold rate per gram in Turkey today is 2,565.46 TRY for 24 Karat, 2,351.76 TRY for 22 Karat, 2,244.78 TRY for 21 Karat. You can further check a detailed table given below for each karat separately along with how much change in gold prices today. These tables are updated on a daily basis and getting prices from reliable sources.

24k Per Gram Today In Turkey

The 24k Per Gram in Turkey today is 2,565.46 TRY (1 gram 24k today) and it was 2,562.01 TRY (1 gram 24k yesterday). So the change in 24k per gram is approximately 3.45 TRY. You can furhter check in below table for 8g, 10g, 50g and 100g.

Grams 24k Today 24k Yesterday 24k Change
1 gram2,565.46 TRY2,562.01 TRY3.45 TRY
8 gram20,523.68 TRY20,496.08 TRY27.60 TRY
10 gram25,654.60 TRY25,620.10 TRY34.50 TRY
50 gram128,273.00 TRY128,100.50 TRY172.50 TRY
100 gram256,546.00 TRY256,201.00 TRY345.00 TRY

22k Per Gram Today In Turkey

The 22k Per Gram in Turkey today is 2,351.76 TRY (1 gram 22k today) and it was 2,348.59 TRY (1 gram 22k yesterday). So the change in 22k per gram is approximately 3.16 TRY. You can furhter check in below table for 8g, 10g, 50g and 100g.

Grams 22k Today 22k Yesterday 22k Change
1 gram2,351.76 TRY2,348.59 TRY3.16 TRY
8 gram18,814.06 TRY18,788.76 TRY25.30 TRY
10 gram23,517.57 TRY23,485.95 TRY31.63 TRY
50 gram117,587.86 TRY117,429.73 TRY158.13 TRY
100 gram235,175.72 TRY234,859.46 TRY316.26 TRY

21k Per Gram Today In Turkey

The 21k Per Gram in Turkey today is 2,244.78 TRY (1 gram 21k today) and it was 2,241.76 TRY (1 gram 21k yesterday). So the change in 21k per gram is approximately 3.02 TRY. You can furhter check in below table for 8g, 10g, 50g and 100g.

Grams 21k Today 21k Yesterday 21k Change
1 gram2,244.78 TRY2,241.76 TRY3.02 TRY
8 gram17,958.22 TRY17,934.07 TRY24.15 TRY
10 gram22,447.78 TRY22,417.59 TRY30.19 TRY
50 gram112,238.88 TRY112,087.94 TRY150.94 TRY
100 gram224,477.75 TRY224,175.88 TRY301.87 TRY

18k Per Gram Today In Turkey

The 18k Per Gram in Turkey today is 1,924.10 TRY (1 gram 18k today) and it was 1,921.51 TRY (1 gram 18k yesterday). So the change in 18k per gram is approximately 2.59 TRY. You can furhter check in below table for 8g, 10g, 50g and 100g.

Grams 18k Today 18k Yesterday 18k Change
1 gram1,924.10 TRY1,921.51 TRY2.59 TRY
8 gram15,392.76 TRY15,372.06 TRY20.70 TRY
10 gram19,240.95 TRY19,215.08 TRY25.88 TRY
50 gram96,204.75 TRY96,075.38 TRY129.37 TRY
100 gram192,409.50 TRY192,150.75 TRY258.75 TRY

How is the gold rate in Turkey calculated?

Here we have a calculator that can help you to find gold prices for Ounce, Gram, Kilo, Penny Weight, Tola, Tael, Bhat, Bhori, Ratti and Masha. Apart from that you can set purity level as well according to your need.

gold price

Gold Prices Today In Major Cities Of Turkey

The below-given table shows gold prices in different cities of Turkey. You can check Tola, Gram, Ounce & Kilogram rates in major cities of Turkey by clicking on the buttons given below.

Cities Names 1 Gram 24 Karat 1 Gram 22 Karat 1 Gram 21 Karat
No child categories found.

Historical Graph For The Gold Rate In Turkey

People Also Search!

What is the market price of Gold in Turkey today?

Ans: The Market price of gold in Turkey today is: 2,565.46 Per Gram (2024-07-15)

What is the rate of 1 Tola 22-Carat gold in Turkey today?

Ans: As of today, 15 July 2024, the rate of 1 Tola 22-carat gold in Turkey is TRY 27,430.43

What was the highest and lowest gold rate in Turkey in the previous month?

Ans: The Highest gold rate recorded in the month of June was TRY 2,496 on 2024-06-21 and the lowest gold rate was TRY 2,389 on 2024-06-08

What is the current gold rate in Turkey for 1 tola?

Ans: As of today, 15 July 2024, the rate of 1 Tola 24 Karat gold in Turkey is TRY 29,923.02

What is 1 gram gold Price in Turkey today?

Ans: The rate of 1 gram gold in Turkey is: TRY 2,565.46

What is the gold rate of 1 ounce today in Turkey?

Ans: The gold rate per ounce in Turkey today is: TRY 72,729.51

1 masha gold rate today in Turkey?

Ans: 1 masha gold price in Turkey today is: 2,713.03 TRY

Check Gold Prices In Other Countries:

Here below table show the Gram, Tola, and Ounce rates in other countries. You can check in detail by visiting/clicking on the link. Below the table just shows the Today, Yesterday and how much change in 2 days in gold prices.

Other Countries Gram Rate today Gram Rate yesterday Change
Gram Price In Germany71.14 DEM71.05 DEM0.090 DEM
Gram Price In United States77.44 USD77.53 USD-0.090 USD
Gram Price In Switzerland69.46 CHF69.34 CHF0.120 CHF
Gram Price In Canada105.68 CAD105.7 CAD-0.020 CAD
Gram Price In United Arab Emirates284.34 AED284.79 AED-0.450 AED
Gram Price In Australia114.34 AUD114.28 AUD0.060 AUD
Gram Price In Egypt3724.57 EGP3718.78 EGP5.790 EGP
Gram Price In Hungary27896.95 HUF27863.7 HUF33.250 HUF
Gram Price In India6466.06 INR6474.36 INR-8.300 INR
Gram Price In Kuwait23.68 KWD23.69 KWD-0.010 KWD
Gram Price In Malaysia361.64 MYR363.8 MYR-2.160 MYR
Gram Price In Oman29.79 OMR29.82 OMR-0.030 OMR
Gram Price In Pakistan21573.86 PKR21543.38 PKR30.480 PKR
Gram Price In Qatar282.56 QAR282.17 QAR0.390 QAR
Gram Price In Saudi Arabia290.21 SAR290.76 SAR-0.550 SAR
Gram Price In Singapore104.02 SGD104.02 SGD0.000 SGD
Gram Price In Italy71.16 ITL71.13 ITL0.030 ITL

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