Gold Rate In Canada Today (1 Gram, Tola & Ounce Prices)

 Updated On: July 15, 2024

As of July 15, 2024, the gold rate in Canada is CAD 105.68 per gram for 24k gold, CAD 3,287.02 per ounce, and per tola for 24k gold is CAD 1,232.63. Gold Price In Canada depends upon several factors including demand and supply, Microeconomic Factors, Geopolitical Events, and Market Sentiments. These factors not just affect gold prices in Canada but also in other countries as well. Due to these reasons prices of gold rise or fall.

Gold Rate In Canada Today On Monday 15 Jul, 2024

Gold Rate24k Gold22k Gold21k Gold18k Gold
Per 1 Gram Gold105.68 CAD96.88 CAD92.47 CAD79.26 CAD
Per 10 Gram Gold1,056.80 CAD968.77 CAD924.70 CAD792.60 CAD
Per Tola Gold1,232.65 CAD1,129.97 CAD1,078.57 CAD924.49 CAD
Per Ounce Gold3,287.02 CAD3,013.21 CAD2,876.14 CAD2,465.26 CAD
  • Gold rate per Tola in Canada today is CAD 1,232.65 on Monday 15 Jul, 2024 .
  • 1 gram of 24k Gold was being sold at CAD 105.68 and 10 grams of 24K Gold were being traded for CAD 1,056.80.
  • A single ounce of 24 Karat Gold was trading at CAD 3,287.02 .

Gold Rate Per Tola In Canada Today

Gold Price24 Karat22 Karat21 Karat18 Karat
1 Tola1,233 CAD1,130 CAD1,079 CAD924 CAD
8 Tola9,861 CAD9,039 CAD8,628 CAD7,396 CAD
10 Tola12,326 CAD11,299 CAD10,786 CAD9,245 CAD
50 Tola61,632 CAD56,496 CAD53,928 CAD46,224 CAD
100 Tola123,263 CAD112,991 CAD107,855 CAD92,447 CAD

Gold Rate Per Gram In Canada Today

The gold rate per gram in Canada today is 105.68 CAD for 24 Karat, 96.88 CAD for 22 Karat, 92.47 CAD for 21 Karat. You can further check a detailed table given below for each karat separately along with how much change in gold prices today. These tables are updated on a daily basis and getting prices from reliable sources.

24k Per Gram Today In Canada

The 24k Per Gram in Canada today is 105.68 CAD (1 gram 24k today) and it was 105.70 CAD (1 gram 24k yesterday). So the change in 24k per gram is approximately -0.02 CAD. You can furhter check in below table for 8g, 10g, 50g and 100g.

Grams 24k Today 24k Yesterday 24k Change
1 gram105.68 CAD105.70 CAD-0.02 CAD
8 gram845.44 CAD845.60 CAD-0.16 CAD
10 gram1,056.80 CAD1,057.00 CAD-0.20 CAD
50 gram5,284.00 CAD5,285.00 CAD-1.00 CAD
100 gram10,568.00 CAD10,570.00 CAD-2.00 CAD

22k Per Gram Today In Canada

The 22k Per Gram in Canada today is 96.88 CAD (1 gram 22k today) and it was 96.90 CAD (1 gram 22k yesterday). So the change in 22k per gram is approximately -0.02 CAD. You can furhter check in below table for 8g, 10g, 50g and 100g.

Grams 22k Today 22k Yesterday 22k Change
1 gram96.88 CAD96.90 CAD-0.02 CAD
8 gram775.01 CAD775.16 CAD-0.15 CAD
10 gram968.77 CAD968.95 CAD-0.18 CAD
50 gram4,843.84 CAD4,844.76 CAD-0.92 CAD
100 gram9,687.69 CAD9,689.52 CAD-1.83 CAD

21k Per Gram Today In Canada

The 21k Per Gram in Canada today is 92.47 CAD (1 gram 21k today) and it was 92.49 CAD (1 gram 21k yesterday). So the change in 21k per gram is approximately -0.02 CAD. You can furhter check in below table for 8g, 10g, 50g and 100g.

Grams 21k Today 21k Yesterday 21k Change
1 gram92.47 CAD92.49 CAD-0.02 CAD
8 gram739.76 CAD739.90 CAD-0.14 CAD
10 gram924.70 CAD924.88 CAD-0.17 CAD
50 gram4,623.50 CAD4,624.38 CAD-0.88 CAD
100 gram9,247.00 CAD9,248.75 CAD-1.75 CAD

18k Per Gram Today In Canada

The 18k Per Gram in Canada today is 79.26 CAD (1 gram 18k today) and it was 79.28 CAD (1 gram 18k yesterday). So the change in 18k per gram is approximately -0.02 CAD. You can furhter check in below table for 8g, 10g, 50g and 100g.

Grams 18k Today 18k Yesterday 18k Change
1 gram79.26 CAD79.28 CAD-0.02 CAD
8 gram634.08 CAD634.20 CAD-0.12 CAD
10 gram792.60 CAD792.75 CAD-0.15 CAD
50 gram3,963.00 CAD3,963.75 CAD-0.75 CAD
100 gram7,926.00 CAD7,927.50 CAD-1.50 CAD

How much is my gold worth in Canada?

Here we have a calculator that can help you to find gold prices for Ounce, Gram, Kilo, Penny Weight, Tola, Tael, Bhat, Bhori, Ratti and Masha. Apart from that you can set purity level as well according to your need.

gold price

Gold Prices Today In Major Cities Of Canada

The below-given table shows gold prices in different cities of Canada. You can check Tola, Gram, Ounce & Kilogram rates in major cities of Canada by clicking on the buttons given below.

Cities Names 1 Gram 24 Karat 1 Gram 22 Karat 1 Gram 21 Karat
Calgary 105.68 CAD 96.88 CAD 92.47 CAD
Edmonton 105.68 CAD 96.88 CAD 92.47 CAD
Hamilton 105.68 CAD 96.88 CAD 92.47 CAD
Laval 105.68 CAD 96.88 CAD 92.47 CAD
Mississauga 105.68 CAD 96.88 CAD 92.47 CAD
Montreal 105.68 CAD 96.88 CAD 92.47 CAD
North York 105.68 CAD 96.88 CAD 92.47 CAD
Ottawa 105.68 CAD 96.88 CAD 92.47 CAD
Quebec 105.68 CAD 96.88 CAD 92.47 CAD
Scarborough 105.68 CAD 96.88 CAD 92.47 CAD
Surrey 105.68 CAD 96.88 CAD 92.47 CAD
Toronto 105.68 CAD 96.88 CAD 92.47 CAD
Vancouver 105.68 CAD 96.88 CAD 92.47 CAD
Winnipeg 105.68 CAD 96.88 CAD 92.47 CAD

Historical Graph For The Gold Rate In Canada

Note: The above gold prices in Canada didn’t include GST, TCS or other tax. The price shown on our site might be slightly different from the price of gold in the local market of Canada. So before buying gold be sure that you have visited or researched both local and online markets.

Where Can I Buy Gold In Canada?

There are no limited options available to buy gold in Canada. But having the fact that there are a lot more options you have while purchasing gold in Canada. Below we share complete information about where to buy and what factors you must have to consider while buying gold.

Bullion Dealers

These bullion dealers are famous for buying and selling of precious metals including the gold. They are offering a wide range of gold products like gold bars, gold coins and gold rounds. There are several reputable bullion dealers and among them Kitco, ScotiaMocatta , and Canadian Bullion Services are tried and tested by our team. These famous dealers have both online platforms along with the physical location in the major cities of Canada as well. If you have any doubt on online platforms visit their physical branches to buy gold.


Major Canadian banks offer gold bullions products for sale. You may visit your local bank branch or get information from their website about their available options. Typically banks offer gold bars and they have different weight options and you have to choose weight from the available options. The banks that offer gold bullion in Canada are Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), Bank of Montreal (BMO), and Scotiabank.

Coin Shops

Coin shops are another way for buying gold in Canada. These shops provide rare coins but they also offer gold bullions products as well. These shops have physical stores where you can visit and examine the gold products before making a purchase. Also, these coin shops have knowledgeable staff who will guide you and answer your queries/questions you may have about buying gold.

Online Marketplaces

Online marketplaces like ebay provide you the best platform to buy gold from various sellers. While buying gold on ebay or any other online marketplace it’s important to research the seller’s reputation and positive reviews from the previous buyers. While buying make sure you have research completely about the positive feedback and successful online transactions.

Gold ETFs & Funds

If you are planning to invest in gold without physically owning it, you can consider gold Exchange- Traded funds (ETFs) or gold mutual funds. There are some popular gold ETFs in Canada include the iShares Gold Bullion ETF(CGL) and the BMO Equal Weight Global Gold Index ETF (ZGD)

Important Factors To Consider While Purchasing Gold In Canada

  • Always stay informed about the current gold market prices in order to get a fair deal.
  • Verify the reputation & credibility of the seller to prevent any fraud.
  • Understand the product you have planned to buy, including its purity, weight, taxes, shipping fee.

Is Gold A Good Investment In Canada?

Whether gold is a good investment in Canada or any other country depends upon several factors. These factors are almost similar in any country to determine that either gold could be beneficial for us or not. Gold has been considered a hedge against inflation for centuries.

Basically gold is considered a safe haven asset, meaning that it will hold its value or the value of gold will increase during times of economic or political uncertainty.

That’s why it is a good option for investors who are looking to diversify their portfolios and want to protect their wealth from market volatility.

However, keep in mind that gold is a relatively illiquid asset, meaning that it can be difficult to sell quickly if you need cash in urgency.

Additionally, if you buy gold at the wrong time without considering the online and local markets it has chances that you will lose your money.

Overall, gold is a good investment for Canadian investors, but before investing in gold make sure you have properly researched & understand the risk involved in buying gold. Below are those factors you must have to consider before investing in gold.

  • Your Investment Goals: What are your goals of investing your money in buying gold . Either you want to protect your wealth or want to make an asset with the potential of  high returns.
  • Your Risk Tolerance: How much you are comfortable with the chances of losing money on your investment.
  •  Investment Horizon: For how long do you plan to hold your investment?.
  • Overall Investment Portfolio: How much of your total wealth do you want to allocate to gold?

People Also Search!

What is the market price of Gold in Canada today?

Ans: The Market price of gold in Canada today is: 105.68 Per Gram (2024-07-15)

What is the rate of 1 Tola 22-Carat gold in Canada today?

Ans: As of today, 15 July 2024, the rate of 1 Tola 22-carat gold in Canada is CAD 1,129.95

What was the highest and lowest gold rate in Canada in the previous month?

Ans: The Highest gold rate recorded in the month of June was CAD 104 on 2024-06-07 and the lowest gold rate was CAD 101 on 2024-06-27

What is the current gold rate in Canada for 1 tola?

Ans: As of today, 15 July 2024, the rate of 1 Tola 24 Karat gold in Canada is CAD 1,232.63

What is 1 gram gold Price in Canada today?

Ans: The rate of 1 gram gold in Canada is: CAD 105.68

What is the gold rate of 1 ounce today in Canada?

Ans: The gold rate per ounce in Canada today is: CAD 2,995.98

1 masha gold rate today in Canada?

Ans: 1 masha gold price in Canada today is: 111.76 CAD

Check Gold Prices In Other Countries:

Here below table show the Gram, Tola, and Ounce rates in other countries. You can check in detail by visiting/clicking on the link. Below the table just shows the Today, Yesterday and how much change in 2 days in gold prices.

Other Countries Gram Rate today Gram Rate yesterday Change
Gram Price In Germany71.14 DEM71.05 DEM0.090 DEM
Gram Price In United States77.44 USD77.53 USD-0.090 USD
Gram Price In Switzerland69.46 CHF69.34 CHF0.120 CHF
Gram Price In United Arab Emirates284.34 AED284.79 AED-0.450 AED
Gram Price In Australia114.34 AUD114.28 AUD0.060 AUD
Gram Price In Egypt3724.57 EGP3718.78 EGP5.790 EGP
Gram Price In Hungary27896.95 HUF27863.7 HUF33.250 HUF
Gram Price In India6466.06 INR6474.36 INR-8.300 INR
Gram Price In Kuwait23.68 KWD23.69 KWD-0.010 KWD
Gram Price In Malaysia361.64 MYR363.8 MYR-2.160 MYR
Gram Price In Oman29.79 OMR29.82 OMR-0.030 OMR
Gram Price In Pakistan21573.86 PKR21543.38 PKR30.480 PKR
Gram Price In Qatar282.56 QAR282.17 QAR0.390 QAR
Gram Price In Saudi Arabia290.21 SAR290.76 SAR-0.550 SAR
Gram Price In Singapore104.02 SGD104.02 SGD0.000 SGD
Gram Price In Turkey2565.46 TRY2562.01 TRY3.450 TRY
Gram Price In Italy71.16 ITL71.13 ITL0.030 ITL

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