Check Gold Rates Today For More Than 100 Countries Across Globe

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Gold Rates Today By Country Wise

Below, you’ll find a comprehensive table featuring gold prices for more than 100 countries. This detailed table includes both Gram Rates and Tola Rates, allowing you to choose the unit of measurement that suits your needs. The information presented in this table is continuously updated to reflect the latest market trends.

  1. Country: Lists the names of the countries covered.
  2. Gram Rate: Displays the current gold rate per gram for each country.
  3. Tola Rate: Shows the equivalent gold rate per tola for reference.

By default, the table showcases the gram rates for each country. However, you have the flexibility to switch to Tola Rates by simply clicking the designated button. This feature ensures that you can effortlessly access the gold rates in your preferred unit of measurement.

Country Name Gram Rate Today Gram Rate Yesterday Price Change
Gold Price In Germany71.14 DEM71.05 DEM0.09 DEM
Gold Price In United States77.44 USD77.53 USD-0.09 USD
Gold Price In Switzerland69.46 CHF69.34 CHF0.12 CHF
Gold Price In Canada105.68 CAD105.70 CAD-0.02 CAD
Gold Price In United Arab Emirates284.34 AED284.79 AED-0.45 AED
Gold Price In Australia114.34 AUD114.28 AUD0.06 AUD
Gold Price In Egypt3,724.57 EGP3,718.78 EGP5.79 EGP
Gold Price In Hungary27,896.95 HUF27,863.70 HUF33.25 HUF
Gold Price In India6,466.06 INR6,474.36 INR-8.30 INR
Gold Price In Kuwait23.68 KWD23.69 KWD-0.01 KWD
Gold Price In Malaysia361.64 MYR363.80 MYR-2.16 MYR
Gold Price In Oman29.79 OMR29.82 OMR-0.04 OMR
Gold Price In Pakistan21,573.86 PKR21,543.38 PKR30.48 PKR
Gold Price In Qatar282.56 QAR282.17 QAR0.39 QAR
Gold Price In Saudi Arabia290.21 SAR290.76 SAR-0.55 SAR
Gold Price In Singapore104.02 SGD104.02 SGD0.00 SGD
Gold Price In Turkey2,565.46 TRY2,562.01 TRY3.45 TRY
Gold Price In Italy71.16 ITL71.13 ITL0.03 ITL